My neighbors have a truck attached to a trailer full of junk. It is the full length of my house/front yard and the park it in front of my house even when there are no cars parked in front of their house. WHAT THE FUCK? They did this last spring/summer and it irked the hell out of me then, too. You don't want your house obstructed so you park in front of mine? I'd say something but these are the same neighbors out at 10pm and 7am with a snow blower clearing my sidewalk and driveway. I feel like can't ask them to move the truck without coming across like an ungrateful twat. It drives me CRAZY, though. I'm almost at the point where I don't care about their damn snow blower. Park the monstrosity in front of your own house.

There's an open house at my house today from 1pm- 3pm. They're going to have to move the truck for that. I'm just waiting until a respectable time to call. *grrrrr* I think I'm going to take to sporadically parking my own car in front of my house so they can't leave it there. Passive aggressive, thy name is Saturn.

ETA: I've got it! I can reasonably ask them not to park the truck in front of my house because I can have potential buyers in any day and I need to leave the front of the house unobstructed. Score! They have to comply graciously.

In less irritating news, Moonshot is updated with eleven recs for February. I've had this version of my recs site up for 2 years now and, with this batch of recs, I passed the 1,500 mark. Hahaha. 1,500 recs. SGA is in the lead with 435 followed by HP with 343, SPN with 334 and SG-1 with 164.

This month's roundup:
1 SG-1
1 West Wing
1 SPN/Time Traveler's Wife

I have a relatively unambitious day planned. A friend canceled dinner plans so I'll head to the gym during the open house and that, gloriously, is it. It's a weekend of sloth.
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