• My neighbor is learning to ride a two wheeler and it's the cutest thing ever. Her mom is running behind and her dad is at the end point and I keep thinking how this is a forever memory.

  • Injury Forces 'So You Think You Can Dance' Withdrawal. Goodbye Jessica, welcome back Comfort. I think Comfort had her day and is completely out matched by Chelsie, Courtney, Kherington, and Katee but, really, so was Jessica. What an upset it will be if Comfort comes back by default and makes it into the top 8! (This is going to sound awful but I hope she's paired with Gev. He's my least favorite guy and I don't want to risk any of the other guys losing momentum by dancing with the weakest girl.)

  • Dr. Who fic rec: Losses and Discoveries by [livejournal.com profile] selenay936 - Jenny/Sally Sparrow, PG

      Summary: Sally Sparrow couldn't resist investigating one more possible alien sighting, but this time she found something quite unexpected.

      This is a wonderful surprise of a story! Sally Sparrow and Jenny (Who)! The meet up is completely plausible and I'm absolutely taken with the idea of a budding romance between these two courageous, inquisitive, delightful women. Written for [livejournal.com profile] femslash08.

  • I borrowed Dr. Who season 1 from a colleague today. I haven't watched season 1 since the first few episodes aired and I don't expect to love Eccelston the way I adore David Tennant but I'd like to actually see Rose start her travels with the Doctor so, once s5 of B5 is complete, it's back to Who! [ETA: Hahaha. Hello, run on sentence! I must be channeling Ten.]

    ETA: [livejournal.com profile] carta! Are you reading the femslash08 stories!?! There's Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters here! I haven't read it yet but you bet your bucket I will.
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