Today was a rough day at work compounded by the fact that I woke up at 4am and couldn't fall asleep again until just before my alarm went off. There's some great stuff happening but I'm also working through a transition which is challenging on the best of days. I had a yummy dinner out at a middle eastern place, though, and then stopped at the Ann Arbor Chocolate House for a peanut butter cup and I keep reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day. The final 6 on SYTYCD doesn't hurt, either.

There are some great photos from the BSG comic con panel over at

I would have no objection to finding myself in a Jamie Bamber/Katie Sackhoff/Michael Trucco triple decker sandwich.

Oh, yeah, a high point of my day was visiting the local Robot Repair Shop. Kookiest thing EVER. I mean really.


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