So many things!

  • First off, RENT. RENT! On a movie screen!! It was fantastic to see the show in this format though, honestly, the editing sucked. The camera was all over the place during the bigger cast numbers to a degree that left me dizzy. The only cast member I'd seen before was Justin Johnston. ([ profile] nothinggold! The filmed version is going to be released on DVD. You can have a permanent record of Justin as Angel!) I don't know if the filmed version was the final performance but they do include the Seasons of Love encore from the finale with some of the original cast members. It was a great way to spend 2 1/2 hours. I can't wait to get the DVD. *grabby hands*

  • After RENT was the Michigan game. We had to DVR the beginning which turned out to be a blessing because the first half was a disaster. In the end, though, Michigan came back from a 0 - 19 halftime deficit to beat Wisconsin 27- 25. I've officially experienced a literal nail biter and my friends are well on their way to turning me into a true Michigan fan.

  • My new favorite rss feed is [ profile] gaiman_blog. It's so nice to have Gaiman come to me rather than having to remember to seek out his ramblings. And I do love his ramblings.

  • I caught up on Supernatural last night. First of all, if anything was going to cement my love for the show it was the episode title: "Are You There God, It's Me, Dean Winchester." Perfect and hilarious. About the episode itself...Castiel is a bad ass. Two episodes and I'm hooked. I choose to suspend any possible disbelief and embrace Dean's fate with all I've got because it's AWESOME. I loved seeing Meg come back (and call Sam out on Ruby). Also, seriously? Bobby for the win. The more episodes Bobby's in this season, the better.

  • Then, of course, was the return of Daniel on SGA. What can I say?
    1. Daniel is still hot.
    2. Daniel's banter with Rodney rocked.
    3. Ronon/Keller filled me with glee.
    4. Ronon's hair is still a nightmare.
    5. I loved seeing Zelenka step up to save the day (and banter with John).
    6. I loved Todd's line about "Who will we be?" if they don't feed on humans any more. I'm really interested to see that play out.

  • I watched the whole debate. There's really not much more to say about that except a) the commentary afterward was more interesting and b) McCain's play to the Jewish vote had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

  • I'm off to Chicago next weekend! A run is planned and not much else (though Appaloosa comes out next weekend). It's Viggo in the wild west!
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