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([personal profile] saturn Nov. 15th, 2008 01:37 pm)
Hello, Lazy Saturday. My friend Anne and I cooked dinner last night and sat around talking until 11:30pm. I finally got into bed around 1 and I've spent the morning working my way through my DVR queue.

I loved the episode but I loved it more when I thought John's hand was really gone and Rodney was going to have to build him a prosthesis out of ancient tech and there'd be h/c and tons of great fic to follow. But, thinking about it, I'm equally intrigued by the crazy, twisted mind of John Sheppard who tortures himself in his hallucinations because he doesn't think he's good enough. :( The best, though, was finding out that Zelenka was a hallucination. I should have suspected the moment he said Rodney was brilliant.

I totally found my CSI mojo again this year. The end of Sara/Grissom on my screen didn't hurt but I think it's mostly because I know Grissom is leaving after only four more episodes. I AM SAD.

Anyway, this week was a fine little episode. I like Riley more than I thought I would, especially this quickly, and next week looks like it will be a great Grissom episode. I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

I am so glad that SPN explained the deal with the girl Ruby's wearing if only so the people whining about Sam's rape of the innocent will shut the fuck up and learn to give the show the benefit of the doubt. Also? Padalecki does nothing for me but that sex scene was hot.

Other bits:
* It was heartbreaking to see how desperate Sam was for Dean but not at all unexpected.
* I loved how the girl reacted when she first met them. The Dean?
* The scene where Dean tries to thank Ruby was pitch perfect.

I wish I hadn't watched the scenes from next week's episode, though. The conclusion looks awesome but it gave away more than I wanted to know. (CSI, on the other hand, gave up just enough to have me counting down the days in anticipation.)

The only comment I have on House is how awkward it must be for Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer to play a romantic couple. That's gotta have it's sucktastic moments.

Criminal Minds:
REID. Oh, Reid. I loooooove that Rossi and Morgan stayed in Vegas with him. LOVE. (I never expected to like Rossi so much.) I love that Morgan was watching Y&R. Shemar Moore for the win. I love that Reid is so fabulous and so damaged and seeing him hold that baby ("Yale was your godfather's safety school") was the perfect end to the episode. \o/

As soon as I post and read Lily's Drake & Josh fic I'm going to take a nap. Naps are the best. Then it's off to the A2 Rally For Equality at 3:30pm. I'm going by myself but I am assuming it will be a welcoming group (of college students) and I really want to add my voice to the rally so out in the cold rain I go! Then tonight I have a date for sushi. I love sushi almost as much as I love naps.


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