People. What the fucking fucking fuck?

I completely and TOTALLY fell for the big Chief/Boomer reunion and them coming full circle. I didn't think, for a second, that Boomer was playing Chief. I was actually angry at Roslin for being such a cold bitch who couldn't see Boomer's heart. I thought Chief was out of his mind for pulling a Cally on that other Eight but it was out of LOVE. Holy fuck. She really was playing them from the beginning to get on Galactica and walk away with Hera. Jesus fucking Christ.

I saw a post from someone earlier tonight saying, "If you get Sci-fi's BSG text's, don't check them because there are spoilers. Now I know Starbuck's secret." YOU DO? Really? I don't. I know that she had a head!dad reminiscent of head!Six. I know that she's been playing the cylon theme song, "All Along the Watch Tower," since she was a kid. I know Hera's a key to all this. To everything. But I still don't know what the fuck Starbuck is.

Also of note - Adama is losing both his girls. It's an interesting parallel between Roslin and Galactica. I'm not all that confident either one will make it through.

How are there only three episodes left???

ETA: Starbuck's father has to be a cylon. He has to be. Is it possible that Anders was her father and projecting head!dad via his crazy brain waves? Is her father Daniel? She's got to be a hybrid. I know Hera's supposed to be the first but, right now, I'm not buying it.

ETA 2: I have more to say on this episode here.


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